Monday, February 8, 2010

Film based on Daniel Woodrell book wins big at Sundance!

Writer-director Debra Granik's indie film adaptation of Daniel Woodrell's 2006 novel Winter's Bone was a hit at the 2010 Sundance Film festival, winning the dramatic competition grand jury prize and the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award (Granik co-wrote the screenplay with Anne Rosellini)! The dark thriller was then picked up by Roadside Attractions (Super Size Me) for North American distribution. According to Roadside's website, they plan on releasing Winter's Bone in theaters this summer... I, for one, can't wait! There's a lot of buzz about not only this movie but the breakout performance by Jennifer Lawrence as the film's 16-year-old heroine, Ree Dolly. It also stars an actor I really like, John Hawkes, whom Deadwood fans will recognize as Sol Star.

Daniel Woodrell previously had a book adapted to the big screen: Ang Lee's 1999 Ride with the Devil (starring Tobey Maguire & Skeet Ulrich), based on Woodrell's 1987 Western novel, Woe to Live On. And according to IMDB, Give Us a Kiss is in development.

Busted Flush Press will reprint Daniel Woodrell's Tomato Red (w/ a new foreword by Megan Abbott) in September and The Death of Sweet Mister (w/ a new foreword by Dennis Lehane) in March 2011. Check back to the blog next week... covers for these reprints are almost ready! (We'll also have cover art for Don Winslow's A Cool Breeze on the Underground, Ace Atkins's Dark End of the Street, and Reed Farrel Coleman's Soul Patch and Empty Ever After.)


Donna said...

That is really wonderful news and well-deserved. Well done to Daniel Woodrell and well done to you for reprinting some of his books. I can't wait. Hope the film comes to the UK soon, and I'm getting copies of those books as soon as they are out!

Chris said...

I'm with Donna. I actually finished Winter's Bone, closed it and thought it would make a cool movie, then found out the next day it apparently did make a cool movie.

I even documented the moment I started reading it, at a delicious little burger joint just down the block from "M" is for Mystery bookstore in San Mateo.

David Thompson said...

Damn, Chris, you're making me hungry. :-)