Thursday, February 18, 2010

All four Zoë Sharp covers revealed!

Busted Flush Press is proud to publish in the U.S. for the first time Zoë Sharp's early Charlie Fox thrillers! The series debut, Killer Instinct, comes out in May, with a new foreword by Lee Child! The other three will follow later this year & into 2011. The covers for Killer Instinct and Riot Act are slightly different than originally announced because we decided to make Zoë's name uniform across all 4 books. Enjoy!

Killer Instinct
(Charlie Fox #1)
Trade paperback original, $15 (Canada $18)
May 2010 / 978-1-935415-13-8

Riot Act (Charlie Fox #2)
Trade paperback original, $15 (Canada $18)
July 2010 / 978-1-935415-15-2

Hard Knocks (Charlie Fox #3)
Trade paperback original, $15 (Canada $18)
September 2010 / 978-1-935415-10-7

(Note: Charlie Fox #4, First Drop, is in print in the U.S. from St. Martin's Minotaur.)

Road Kill (Charlie Fox #5)
Trade paperback original, $15 (Canada $18)
February 2011 / 978-1-935415-41-1


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Green Kokichi said...

Busted Flush Rules! What an amazing cover. I cannot to see what lies between the pages! If it is a fraction as good as the cover, BFP will have a masterpiece on their hands. And you certainly deserve it!

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