Saturday, January 23, 2010

BFP's 2010 schedule!

Here are the books coming out from Busted Flush Press in 2010. Enjoy!

Just Enough Light to Kill (by A. E. Maxwell)
Paperback, $14, 978-1-935415-02-2

Misleading Ladies (by Cynthia Smith)
Paperback, $13, 978-1-935415-04-6

Killer Instinct (by Zoë Sharp)
With a new foreword by Lee Child.
Paperback original (first U.S. publication), $15, 978-1-935415-13-8

Old Dogs (by Donna Moore)
Paperback original (first U.S. publication), $15, 978-1-935415-24-4

Riot Act (by Zoë Sharp)
Paperback original (first U.S. publication), $15, 978-1-935415-15-2

Soul Patch (by Reed Farrel Coleman)
With a new foreword by Craig Johnson.
Paperback, $15, 978-1-935415-09-1

Hard Knocks (by Zoë Sharp)
Paperback original (first U.S. publication), $15, 978-1-935415-10-7

Tomato Red (by Daniel Woodrell)
With a new foreword by Megan Abbott.
Paperback, $15, 978-1-935415-06-0

Dark End of the Street (by Ace Atkins)
Paperback, $15, 978-1-935415-17-6

Empty Ever After (by Reed Farrel Coleman)
With a new foreword by S. J. Rozan.
Paperback, $15, 978-1-935415-19-0

Damn Near Dead 2: Live Noir or Die Trying (edited by Bill Crider)
With an introduction by Charlaine Harris.
Paperback original, $18, 978-1-935415-40-4

A Cool Breeze on the Underground (by Don Winslow)
Paperback, $15, 978-1-935415-21-3

And coming in early 2011:
Silver and Guilt (by Cynthia Smith)
Road Kill (by Zoë Sharp)
The Death of Sweet Mister (by Daniel Woodrell; with a new foreword by Dennis Lehane)
Bloody Kin (by Margaret Maron)


Chris said...

That's a lot to look forward to!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Damn, you guys are doing well. God speed.

David Thompson said...

Thanks, Chris & Patti! :-)

Sean Chercover said...

My god, you guys have great taste! I mean, damn, that's a lineup I can't wait to read.

Bravo, BFP. You've hit it out of the park ... again.

David Thompson said...

Thanks, everyone! Sean, write another damn book! :-)

Rod Norman said...

David, You just keep hittin it out of the park. Really lookin forward to seeing the Woodrell & Coleman's.