Thursday, August 6, 2009

Covers for Zoë Sharp's thrillers!

They're not coming out until summer 2010, but the wonderful Lisa Novak has designed some pretty cool covers for Zoë Sharp's first two Charlie Fox thrillers, Killer Instinct (May 2010) and Road Kill (July 2010). These books have never been published in the U.S. thriller fans, take note... you won't want to miss this series! Killer Instinct will feature a new introduction by Lee Child.

“Charlie Fox is simply the best.”—Jeffery Deaver

“Zoë Sharp writes some of the best thrillers around . . . Charlie Fox is totally believable, thanks to Sharp’s writing skill.”—Ted Hertel, Deadly Pleasures

“Male and female crime fiction readers alike will find Sharp’s writing style addictively readable—one of the very best crime fiction sagas out there.”—Paul Goat Allen, Chicago Tribune

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Doctor on a bike said...

Thank you for this info. I've been reluctant to pay big bucks for a used copy of Killer Instinct but could find NOTHING about any upcoming re-issue. Great news