Monday, August 31, 2009

Cover for Donna Moore's OLD DOGS!

A couple months ago, two totally unconnected events occurred that would bring together the talents of two women living thousands of miles apart: I was asked by crime writer/agent Allan Guthrie to read his client Scottish novelist Donna Moore's second book for possible publication, and I posted my high-school graduation information to Facebook.

Laughing my way through Donna's Old Dogs, I knew I had to publish this comic caper about an art heist gone horribly awry. Donna had won the Lefty Award for Most Humorous Crime Novel for 2006's Go to Helena Handbasket (PointBlank), and I think she has another winner on her hands here.

Then I received an e-mail from an old high school classmate, Julie Zarate (neé Jimenez), having spotted me on Facebook. Even though she and I both attended Houston's High School for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice, I knew back then we were both destined for success outside the law enforement world... she was already showing talent as an artist (and trust me, I still have some of her drawings and I'm not parting with 'em anytime soon!), and, well, I just knew any profession involving me possessing a loaded gun was no good for anyone involved (I'd make Barney Fife look like Bruce Willis). So, I wasn't that shocked to see that, 20 years later, she's doing quite well moonlighting with this art gig... look through her work here. And after chatting with her by phone, I felt that she'd attack an Old Dogs cover with great relish. She did an amazing job of depicting heroines Letty & Dora, two elderly hookers-turned-con-artists, and I'm confident you'll agree!

Old Dogs (978-1-935415-24-4; trade paperback original; $15) is coming in June 2010 (distributed by Consortium). Look for it! In the meantime, track down Go to Helena Handbasket if you want to laugh 'til you pee.

Early praise for Old Dogs:

"Like the perfect heist, Donna Moore’s screwball caper is slick, audacious and hugely rewarding."—Chris Ewan, author of The Good Thief's Guide to Paris

“[Donna Moore] has surpassed herself in her wit, insight and sheer turn of phrase in Old Dogs. Take Joan Rivers, add some less acerbic Susan Silverman and sprinkle with the sheer story-telling glee of early Carl Hiaasen and you'll have some idea of what to expect. Roll out the awards shelf, Donna is going to grab them all. Her wondrous artistry makes it seem so easy, and books this readable and compelling are anything but easy to achieve. This is true art. Beware, you may want to grab passers-by and insist they hear a passage read aloud, it's that good.”—Ken Bruen, Shamus Award-winning author of London Boulevard


Bill Crider said...

Great cover, David!

six06 said...

David, it was a wonderful opportunity to have been a part of this. I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a final copy :) Thank you for taking a chance on me. ;)

Donna said...

And, David - thank you for taking a chance on ME! And Julie - thank you so much for such a stunning cover.You have no idea how wide my smile is right now :o)