Sunday, February 1, 2009

THE JAMES DEANS now available!

What helped guide two-time Shamus Award winner Reed Farrel Coleman to become a writer? Here are the books & films that have most infuenced Coleman (in no particular order):

The Long Goodbye (by Raymond Chandler)
The Little Sister
(by Raymond Chandler)
Red Harvest (by Dashiell Hammett)
The Maltese Falcon (by Dashiell Hammett)
Foundation Series (by Isaac Asimov)
The Robots of Dawn (by Isaac Asimov)
Slaughterhouse Five (by Kurt Vonnegut)
Cat’s Cradle (by Kurt Vonnegut)
Steppenwolf (by Herman Hesse)
The Stranger (by Albert Camus)
The Berlin Stories (by Christopher Isherwood)
Berlin Noir Trilogy (by Philip Kerr)

The French Connection (1971)
The Third Man (1949)
Dr. Strangelove (1964)
The Outlaw Josie Wales (1976)
Touch of Evil (1958)
The Godfather (1972)
The Producers (1968)
Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
Soylent Green (1973)
Diva (1981)
The Entertainer (1960)
The Anderson Tapes (1971)
The Long Good Friday (1980)

And stores should now be receiving their copies of the new Busted Flush Press edition of Coleman's Shamus / Anthony / Barry Award-winning third Moe Prager novel, The James Deans (978-0-9792709-8-7; trade paperback; $14). Though you might already have the original Plume version (published in 2005), you may want to consider getting the new edition for its original foreword by best-seller Michael Connelly, new afterword by Reed Coleman, two Moe Prager short stories ("Requiem for Jack" and "Requiem for Moe"), and the excerpt of Tower, the forthcoming novel written by award-winning crime writer Ken Bruen & Reed Farrel Coleman.

“Some writers can make you feel that they have inhabited their characters to a degree associated with demonic possession, but Reed Farrel Coleman’s gift is to graft that sensation onto the reader, so that he or she feels they’re wearing the character like skin. . . . [A] terrific writer, one of the finest of his generation. If you haven’t read The James Deans yet, do yourself a favour and do so. It’s how books are supposed to be.”—Declan Burke, author of The Big O

You can find The James Deans (and the first two Moe books -- Walking the Perfect Square and Redemption Street) at your favorite independent, chain, and online bookseller... here are a few links:

IndieBound (find an indie bookstore near you!)
Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (find a mystery bookstore near you!)
Murder By The Book (Houston, TX)
And here's a advance look at what's coming from BFP in about 3 weeks:

Just Another Day in Paradise (by A. E. Maxwell; 978-0-9792709-6-3; trade paperback; $13) Originally published by Doubleday in 1985, this is the first novel in Maxwell's exciting Fiddler & Fiora crime series. Fans of John D. MacDonald and Randy Wayne White should miss this! More to come soon...

“A. E. Maxwell wrote one of the smartest, most consistent PI series in recent memory. Big plots, great villains, and a kickass private eye with plenty of humanity. The toughness of Robert B. Parker’s early Spenser novels blended with the wry humor and scope of Ross Thomas. Wholly original, endlessly entertaining. The books of A. E. Maxwell are a forgotten treasure.”—Tim Maleeny, author of Greasing the Piñata and Jump

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Wade said...

Just picked up my copy of "James Deans". I'm stoked to dig into it. Love the extras. Thanks for all the You, and Busted Fluss do to keep putting out great stuff.