Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reed Farrel Coleman on INNOCENT MONSTER & the reprints

by Reed Farrel Coleman

After over twenty years at this and with twelve books under my belt, you’d think the debut of a new novel would become old hat. Although it isn’t quite as exciting as it was when I first began my career, the experience never gets old. I’m really looking forward to Tyrus Books’ October 5th release of the sixth Moe Prager novel, Innocent Monster. I’m excited for all the usual reasons—the launch party, the tour, the fans’ reactions—and just the general buzz of holding something in my hands that began as passing thought over two years ago.

But this time, I have a little bit extra to look forward to because Busted Flush Press has timed the release of the new editions of Soul Patch and Empty Ever After to coincide with the release of Innocent Monster. This will mark the first time since the very early days of the Moe Prager series that entire series will be available at once (& in both physical print editions & e-books). In fact, it will mark the very first time since the very early days of my career that all of my published novels will be in print at the same time.

It is especially exciting because the Busted Flush Press editions of the Moe books come with forewords by some of the leading writers in the genre today: Walking The Perfect Square-Megan Abbott, Redemption Street-Peter Spiegelman, The James Deans-Michael Connelly, Soul Patch-Craig Johnson, Empty Ever After-SJ Rozan. Each of the BFP editions also includes an afterword by me, explaining a little bit about how came to write each book. I am particularly interested in the fans’ reactions to a new feature Busted Flush Press added for Soul Patch and Empty Ever After. At the conclusion of those two novels, BFP has added an original and previously unpublished short story by yours truly.

I look forward to seeing you when I launch Innocent Monster at the Mysterious Bookshop, October 7th. I’m also looking forward to seeing you at Bouchercon, Noir Con, Murder and Mayhem in Muskego, and during my stops on the road.

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