Monday, May 31, 2010

New praise for BFP books!

"Charlie Fox and Zoë Sharp have been staff favorites since First Drop was released in the U.S. a few years ago. However, her U.S. publisher started with the fourth book in the series, despite the title. Now, thanks to Busted Flush, U.S. readers have a chance to start at the beginning, with Killer Instinct. In her first outing, Charlie has not yet officially transitioned into her career as a bodyguard. Instead, she is a freelance self-defense instructor, and open to other odd jobs as well, especially those where she can employ her skills as a former British Army Special Forces soldier. A casual evening out with a friend leads to a part time job as security at a local nightclub, and enmeshes Charlie in a web of crime and deceit tied to the heinous murders of several local women. Elements of the rape and murders have uncomfortable resonance with Charlie’s past." -- Maryelizabeth Hart, Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego, CA)

Killer Instinct goes on sale this week!


“What a resounding pleasure to read Don Winslow’s splendid first novel again. Even back in 1991 Don seemed to arrive fully formed—whip-smart, funny, brave and big-hearted, too. From a beginning like A Cool Breeze on the Underground it’s easy to see how Winslow became one of the premiere writers of crime fiction in our language. I look most forward to seeing all of the Neal Carey stories published by Busted Flush.”—T. Jefferson Parker, best-selling author of Iron River

A Cool Breeze on the Underground is an amazing first novel that set the course for a terrific career. Reading it now is like going back to pick up a diamond you didn’t see the first time.”
Thomas Perry, best-selling author of The Butcher’s Boy and Strip

A Cool Breeze on the Underground will be published in November.

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