Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don Winslow & Oliver Stone

Crime writer Don Winslow (The Dawn Patrol; The Power of the Dog) is collaborating with director/producer/screenwriter Oliver Stone on a film adaptation of Winslow's upcoming drug thriller, Savages (Simon & Schuster; July). Read more about it here. (And I highly recommend Savages... it's the perfect mix of two of Winslow's best works: The drug-war relevance of The Power of the Dog with the in-your-face, mile-a-minute pacing of The Death and Life of Bobby Z.)

Busted Flush Press will be reprinting Winslow's early crime novels, featuring private eye Neal Carey, beginning with A Cool Breeze on the Underground this fall. Could there be some movie news in the works for the Carey series? We'll see...

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Chuck said...

Way Kewl for Don. I wonder about progress with Deniro and the Winter of Frankie Machine.