Monday, May 18, 2009

Finding copies of Reed's books...

It may be a little difficult to find copies of the first three Moe Prager books by Reed Farrel Coleman -- especially the series debut, Walking the Perfect Square -- as most dealers have sold out and are awaiting additional stock. Maureen Corrigan's amazing NPR review of Reed's books came at a weird time since June 1st marks the beginning of Busted Flush Press's distribution by Consortium... books are presently in transit from BFP to Consortium, and then they'll be heading out to stores, wholesalers, online retailers, etc., in about 2 weeks. (Bookstores: Please contact your Consortium sales rep to place an order!) There's also a second printing in the works. Please be patient because, as Ms. Corrigan put it, "It may take you a little longer to nab them, but you'll appreciate them all the more for that."

In the meantime, I still have a limited number copies of all three here at the BFP office... simply go to and purchase using PayPal. While you're there, check out the other wonderful offerings from Busted Flush... there's a reason I acquired all of these authors & titles: I love each and every one of them! If the Moe Prager books look good to you, also peruse the Fiddler & Fiora thrillers by A. E. Maxwell & the Stewart Hoag mysteries of Edgar Award winner David Handler. Then there's Vicki Hendricks's Miami Purity, which Reed himself says has a "deceptively simple and straightforward narrative style [that] belies the complexity and depth of emotion experienced by her protagonist, Sherise Parlay, and, vicariously, by the reader. In a masterful display of craft, Hendricks lets Sherise show us that knowing oneself and being in touch with one's feelings can be as much curse as blessing."
And, of course, you shouldn't miss Ken Bruen's early fiction in A Fifth of Bruen... with this you can get a sampling of the multiple-award-winning crime writer who has co-written a novel with his friend Reed Farrel Coleman, entitled Tower, which comes out in September. Oh yeah, and Bruen's London Boulevard (published by St. Martin's Minotaur) just happens to be filming right now, with Colin Farrell & Keira Knightley starring... so you mighta heard of him.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about in regards to Maureen Corrigan's praise of Reed's Moe Prager novels, well, don't dally & check it out at NPR's website.

Want a taste of Walking the Perfect Square? Here's a free excerpt!

Now, later this week we'll take a breather from what appears to be Reed Farrel Coleman 24/7, as we talk about the just-released Impolite Society, by Cynthia Smith, and the coming-soon The Frog and the Scorpion, by A. E. Maxwell.... and then after that, an interview with Austin bookseller Scott Montgomery (at BookPeople), a recap of how things went at my first Consortium sales conference last week, and much more... please stick around!

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