Sunday, July 4, 2010

DAMN NEAR DEAD 2's table of contents!

Behold, the table of contents from this November's Damn Near Dead 2: Live Noir or Die Trying! (trade paperback original; 978-1-935415-40-4; $18)...

Take a stroll down the boulevard of broken hips...

Edited by Bill Crider
Introduction by Charlaine Harris

“Sleep, Creep, Leap” (by Patti Abbott)
“El Conejo” (by Ace Atkins)
“Stiffs” (by Neal Barrett, Jr.)
“The End of Jim and Ezra” (by C. J. Box)
“Out Stealing Buddha” (by Declan Burke)
“Love Story” (by Scott Cupp)
“All About Eden” (by Christa Faust)
“Flying Solo” (by Ed Gorman)
“Neighborhood Watch” (by Carolyn Haines)
“Memory Sketch” (by David Handler)
“Some Things You Never Forget” (by Gar Anthony Haywood)
“The War Zone” (by Cameron Pierce Hughes)
“You’re Only Dead Once” (by Dean James)
“The Sleeping Detective” (by Jennifer Jordan)
“Kids Today” (by Toni L.P. Kelner)
“The Old Man in the Motorized Chair” (by Joe R. Lansdale)
“Angel of Mercy” (by Russel McLean)
“Miss Hartly and the Cocksucker” (by Denise Mina)
“Sometimes You Can’t Retire” (by Marcia Muller)
“The Investor” (by Gary Phillips)
“Bill in Idaho” (by Scott Phillips)
“Zypho the Tentacled Brainsucker from Outer Space vs. the Mob” (by Tom Piccirilli)
“Trade Secret” (by Bill Pronzini)
“The Summer Place” (by Cornelia Read)
“Warning Shot” (by James Reasoner)
“Cutlass” (by Kat Richardson)
“Chin Yong-Yun Takes the Case” (by S. J. Rozan)
“Granny Pussy” (by Anthony Neil Smith)
“Old Men and Old Boards” (by Don Winslow)

I am so excited about this anthology... as with the first DND, there isn't a clunker in the bunch! Scheduled to be launched at NoirCon in Philadelphia, Nov. 4-7!

And don't forget the award-winning anthology that started it all!
Damn Near Dead
(edited by Duane Swierczynski; trade paperback original; 978-0-9767157-5-7; $18)


David Cranmer said...

Damn perfect line-up.

Graham Powell said...

A lot of great writers in there. And Neil Smith, too!

pattinase (abbott) said...

I am so happy they are in alphabetical order rather than age order as in DND. Thank you.

Chris said...

Looks fantastic.

David Thompson said...

Thanks, everyone! There are some REALLY good stories. :-)

louisboxer said...

DND2 Rules!
David Thompson has done it again. Cannot wait for NoirCon 2010!