Monday, July 26, 2010

Moe & Zoë!

Reed Farrel Coleman

Reed's sixth Moe Prager novel, Innocent Monster (Tyrus Books; October; $24.95), gets a very nice review in Publishers weekly: "In Shamus-winner Coleman's darkly impressive sixth Moe Prager mystery (after 2008's Empty Ever After), the retired Brooklyn PI takes on a baffling missing person case only because his estranged daughter, Sarah, begs him to help. In the three weeks since art prodigy Sashi Bluntstone, the 11-year-old daughter of Sarah's childhood friend Candy Castleman, disappeared from a walk on the beach near her Long Island home, the police have found no trace of the girl, who 'skyrocketed to prominence at age four when her Abstract Expressionist paintings... began selling for tens of thousands of dollars.' Prager, who encounters a host of ugly characters, including parents Max and Candy, who aren't telling all they know, and resentful painter Nathan Martyr, becomes increasingly sure that Sashi is dead, but keeps slogging along. His past as a cop . . . and his current career as a wine merchant make Prager a complex character well suited to handle a complex mystery."

Zoë Sharp

Zoë's THE CHARLIE FOX MYSTERIES -- centering on ex-army self-defense expert and one time Special Forces candidate, Charlotte "Charlie" Fox and her all-action, high octane adventures in the world of close protection -- has been sold to Twentieth Century Fox TV, by Alan Nevins at Renaissance Literary & Talent on behalf of Jane Gregory at Gregory & Company. Now that would be an awesome show!

Find the first Charlie Fox thriller, Killer Instinct (paperback, $15), from Busted Flush Press.