Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free shipping, more praise!

From now on, any orders of $25 or more through Busted Flush Press's website get FREE SHIPPING! Please feel free to order often. :-)


More praise for upcoming BFP releases:


“Don Winslow may be the finest crime writer currently working in America. His recent work—including but not limited to such titles as The Winter of Frankie Machine, The Dawn Patrol, and California Fire and Life—is brilliant on every level, displaying a depth, intelligence, and humanity few writers can hope to equal. Amazingly, his thrillers are also whip-fast, compulsively readable, and rich with language so glittery sharp I am left furious with envy. Instead of hating the man, I am his fan. A Cool Breeze on the Underground is the beginning of Winslow’s journey, and shows all the talent and promise of what is to follow. If you’ve not read the Neal Carey books before, send Busted Flush Press a note of thanks. You’re in for a treat.”—Robert Crais, best-selling author of The Sentry

“It’s one thing to see promise in a young writer, but A Cool Breeze on the Underground is just plain unfair. With his premier Neal Carey novel, Don Winslow announced to the world that neither he nor his characters were going to be run-of-the-mill. He continues to prove it with every book he writes.”—Reed Farrel Coleman, three-time Shamus Award-winning author of Innocent Monster

A Cool Breeze on the Underground is classic Winslow. All the characteristics are there: the style, the wit, and the building tension. Neal Carey is a wonderful character who drives the story to its stunning conclusion. A great read!”—Dave White, Shamus Award-nominated author of The Evil that Men Do

TOMATO RED, by Daniel Woodrell
(at the printers right now)

“Whenever I’m in need of inspiration, resuscitation—a big, heaping blast of air—I read the opening page of Tomato Red. By the end, I’m always grinning: that disbelieving, appreciative, joyful grin you get when you come upon the extraordinary. That writing! It’s hard to not move when you read Woodrell; his Ozark rhythms will get you toe-tapping, swaying in your seat. It’s impossible, in fact, to read Woodrell discreetly: you’ll find sentences, dialogue so funny or brutal or just plain brilliant, you need to share them with someone else. His characters are underdogs, heartbreakers, steal-your-wallet-and-kick-you-on the-way-out scoundrels, but you still want more time with them. With Woodrell, you always want more.”—Gillian Flynn, Edgar Award-nominated author of Sharp Objects and Dark Places


Anonymous said...

Is Busted Flush going to reprint more Woodrell novels?


David Thompson said...


Hi! Woodrell's TOMATO RED is at the printers, and THE DEATH OF SWEET MISTER (w/ a new foreword by Dennis Lehane) will be out in March 2011. Thanks for asking! :-)