Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Covers for Daniel Woodrell reprints!

Behold, the covers for Busted Flush Press's upcoming reprints of Daniel Woodrell's two most acclaimed novels, Tomato Red and The Death of Sweet Mister!

Tomato Red
Trade paperback, $15 (Canada $18)
September 2010 / 978-1-935415-06-0
New foreword by Megan Abbott!
(And very special thanks to photographer Katherine White for that chilling cover image!)

"Reading Tomato Red -- the first Daniel Woodrell novel I came upon -- was a transformative experience. It expanded my sense of the possibilities not only of crime fiction, but of fiction itself -- of language, of storytelling. Time and again, his work just dazzles and humbles me. God bless Busted Flush for these glorious reissues. It's a service to readers everywhere, and a great gift." -- Megan Abbott, award-winning author of Bury Me Deep

The Death of Sweet Mister
Trade paperback, $15 (Canada $18)
March 2011 / 978-1-935415-08-4
New foreword by Dennis Lehane!

"I can't remember coming across a more precise evocation of innocence lost since Golding's The Lord of the Flies. With The Death of Sweet Mister, Daniel Woodrell has written his masterpiece — spare, dark, and incandescently beautiful. It broke my heart..." -- Dennis Lehane, best-selling author of The Given Day

And have you registered for NoirCon 2010 yet?? Daniel Woodrell is scheduled to be there!


pattinase (abbott) said...

Lovely covers. Just striking. And I will register. At my age, you don't register early-you may not be around in six months.

Janet Reid said...

I had to click on the cover to enlarge it before I could really see it...whoa! Nice work.

Daniel Woodrell is in a league of his own. Absolutely one of the finest writers ever. I'm so glad Busted Flush is re-publishing these two books. Thank you!!

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Yes!! I need a new copy of TOMATO RED. My old one finally fell apart after many readings. Two great books. Woodrell is among my absolute favorites, along with William Gay, Larry Brown, Pelecanos and Bruen.

Donna said...

Oh wow - that TOMATO RED one is particularly gorgeous.

jedidiah ayres said...


Rod Norman said...

The artwork is terrific & thanks for getting these two wonderful Woodrell titles back in print.