Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BFP to reprint Margaret Maron's BLOODY KIN!

Busted Flush Press is very excited to announce that it will reprint Margaret Maron's acclaimed 1985 Southern crime novel, Bloody Kin, in spring 2011, in time for the Malice Domestic 23 mystery convention!

Margaret earned a rare feat with her first Deborah Knott novel, Bootlegger's Daughter (1992), when the book won nearly every major award for that year: Edgar, Anthony, Macavity & Agatha. Bloody Kin (out of print for about a decade) was originally published by Doubleday in 1985 and is widely considered a prequel to the best-selling Knott series, introducing the region & several characters that would later appear in Bootlegger's Daughter. In Bloody Kin, after Jake Honeycutt dies in a hunting accident, his pregnant wife Kate moves to his family farm in North Carolina and soon discovers that she is a Yankee outsider and that Jake's death was no accident.

"Margaret Maron is one of the best writers in the business. Read her. That's an order." -- Elizabeth Peters

"A hundred years ago, Margaret Maron might well have been classified with that group of writers called 'local colorists.'... From Sarah Orne Jewett's vignettes of life in rural Maine to Kate Chopin's stories of Louisiana's bayous... Maron continues the tradition of quick, perceptive sketches of local life in the framework of a modern murder mystery." -- Houston Chronicle

Go out and pick up Margaret's Bootlegger's Daughter, work your way through the Deborah Knott series (there are fifteen, with the latest, Sand Sharks, published from Grand Central earlier this year), and look forward to BFP's Bloody Kin in 2011!

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Kaye Barley said...

This makes me happy beyond words.

I follow your advice and do, from time to time, re-read the entire series beginning with "Bootlegger's Daughter." 'tis a joy each and every time.

Kaye Barley
a HUGE Margaret Maron fan