Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BookExpo & the Consortium catalog!

I returned on Sunday from my first BookExpo as a publisher with a distributor! Although I didn't have an alcove in the Consortium area like a few of the other CBSD presses, I did stop by to visit with a couple of the fine Consortium salespeople, the first-rate staff of Soho (there's a new Martin Limón book out this fall!... how excited am I??)... and I got to see Busted Flush Press make it's inaugural appearance in the Consortium catalog. And what a thing of beauty it is... at my day job -- Houston's Murder By The Book -- the Consortium catalog (see left) is the one that we probably look forward to the most... inside are some of today's finest small crime presses, like Soho, Akashic, Bitter Lemon, and Serpent's Tail... and you never know when you'll encounter something of interest from the other publishers, like Small Beer's first crime novel, Hound (coming out this fall) or Exterminating Angel's upcoming The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines. I'm proud to be in such august company. If you're a bookseller or librarian and you'd like a Consortium catalog, please go here or call (800) 283-3572. And if you're not one of those and want to view a .pdf of the Fall 2009 catalog, please go here.

Oh, and if you're a bookseller or librarian and have had difficulty obtaining BFP titles (like Reed Farrel Coleman's first three Moe Prager novels) in the last month because of the transition, Consortium now has the books! Please contact your sales rep or call the aforementioned (800) 283-3572.


Keith Raffel said...

Terrific news, David. Great seeing you at BEA. Busted Flush's Just Another Day in Paradise is next on my reading pile.

David Thompson said...

Thanks, Keith!!!

Rachel Brady said...

Everything I've heard about BEA is positive. I think I'll go too next year. Glad you had a good time.